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  Free Online Carpentry Books (.pdf)

The Amateur Carpenter 1915
Practical Carpentry 1907
The Carpenter's Cyclopedia 1913
Carpenter's New Guide 1867
Modern Carpentry 1917
Modern Carpentry 1858
Carpentry 1913
Rustic Carpentry 1908
Carpentry & Joinery 1905
Carpentry & Woodwork 1911
Mech. Principles of Carpentry 1827
Principles of Carpentry 1853
Carpentry Elements & Practice 1845
Carpentry Made Easy 1859
Carpentry for Beginners 1917
Woodwork & Carpentry intro text 1911
Essentials of Woodworking 1908
Wood Design & Const. 1913
Handwork in Wood 1910
Woodworking Machinery 1894
Wood-Working Machines 1872
Wood-Working Tools 1881
Bench Work in Wood 1905
Woodworking for Beginners 1907
The Band Saw 1921
Wood Turner's Handbook lathe 1901
Lathe & Its Uses wood & metal 1868

  Free Online Wood Books

Mech Properties of Wood 1914
Species of Wood 1908
ID of Woods of the US 1919
Wood & Forest 1912
Text-Book of Wood 1921
Wood & Its Uses 1874
Woods of the US 1885
Commercial Woods of the US 1911
Timbers of Commerce 1904
Wood... 1917
Wood: Nat History & Apps 1902
N. American Gymnosperms 1907
Pacific Coast Woods 1916
Woods of Ohio 1915
New South Wales Hardwood 1887
Timber 1895
Wood for Ties & Timbers 1917
Timber Strength, Seasoning... 1919
Seasoning of Timber 1903
Tests of Structural Timbers 1912
Distillation of Wood Waste 1907
Wood Distillates & Extracts 1908

  Free Online Wood Finishing Books

Wood Finishing 1908
UTD Hardwood Finisher 1904

  Free Wood Preserving Books

Preservation of Wood 1919
Preservation of Timber 1916
Wood Preservation in US 1909
Wood Preservation Handbook 1916
Treating Railroad Ties 1913
Decay of Timber 1902
Effect of Moisture on Wood 1906
Dry Rot in Wood 1875

  Free Online Wood Carving Books

W. Carving: Design & Work. 1903
Art of Wood Carving 1867
Wood Sculpture 1911
The Statue in Wood 1918
Fret-Cutting & Wood Carving 1875
Wood Carver of Salem bio 1916
English Church Woodwork 1919
Hand-Book of Wood Engraving 1881
Wood-engraving To-day 1917
15th C. Wood Engraving in Italy 1888
History of Wood Engraving 1895
Wood & Metal Engraving Ruskin 1891

  Free Online Paint & Paper Books

Painter's Encyclopaedia 1887
Painter's Manual 1836
House Painting... 1918
Exterior Painting 1910
Interior Painting 1910
Pigments & Their Vehicles 1908
Wallpaper-Hanger's Companion 1852
House Decoration 1897

  Free Online Metalworking Books

Practical Blacksmithing 1888
Modern Blacksmithing 1904
Casting & Founding 1892
Composition, Heat Treat. Steel 1911
Drop Forging... 1911
Alloys & Processes for Brass 1910
Modern Milling Machines 1906
Hand-Book for Millwrights 1910
Sheet-Metal Worker's Instr. 1906
Thread-Cutting Methods 1918
Dies, Construction & Use 1902
Metal-Worker's Assistant 1864

  Free Online Weld & Solder Books

Modern Methods of Welding 1922
Welding, Practical Treatise 1920
Welding & Cutting Metals 1909
Oxy-Acetylene Welding Manual 1919
Manual of Gas Welding 1915
Gas Torch & Thermit Welding 1921
Spot & Arc Welding 1920
Electric Arc Welding 1921
Electric Welding 1918
Simple Soldering 1910
Soldering & Brazing 1919

  Free Online Machine Books

Elements of Mechanism 1852
Engineer's Hand-Book 1911
Modern Mechanism 1904
Machinery Repair & Maint. 1895
Advanced Machine Work 1915
Machinery's Reference Series 1912

  Free Online Machine Shop Books

The Advanced Machinist 1903
Complete Practical Machinist 1887
Machine Shop Const. & Equip. 1906
Machine Shop Tools 1903
Rogers Machinist's Guide 1913
Machine Tools, Operation 1922
Machine Shop Tools & Practice 1918
Machine Shop Tools 1903
Modern Shop Practice 1917
Audels Engrs & Mechs Guide 1921

  Free Online Workshop Books

Amateur Mechanic's Workshop 1870
The Young Mechanic 1871
Workshop Model Making 1919
Patternmaking 1920
Abrasives & Abrasive Wheels 1919

  Free Online Steam Books

Boiler Construction 1904
Steam Boiler Physics 1903
Steam & Hot Water Heating 1912
Steam Engineering 1907
The Modern Steam Engine 1908
Model Steam Engine Manual 1902
Steam Engines 1913
Steam Engines 1917
Locomotive Engines 1883
Rail. & Locomotive Engineering 1919
Railroad Shop Practice 1921

  More Free Online Books

Tool Steel 1902
Tool Making 1919
Modern Toolmaking Methods 1915
Practical Tool Maker 1898
Accurate Tool Work 1908
Tools & Machines history 1908
The Saw in History 1916
Elementary Mechanical Drawing 1886
Refrigeration 1908
Modern Plumbing 1915
Pumping & Hydraulic Machinery 1913

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  Tool Shops

Tool King carries over 18,000 tools and accessories, including power tools, hand tools, and air tools from DeWalt, Delta, Porter Cable, Bosch and more manufacturers, with $7.99 flat rate shipping no matter how many items you order (items over 150 pounds may cost extra). In addition to the USA, Tool King ships to Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Singapore, Spain and Sweden, via UPS, Fedex or DHL.

Amazon.com Tools and Hardware carries all sorts of tools and other hardware, including hand tools, drills, saws, sanders, cordless tools, air tools, and landscaping tools, all at very low prices. You can use the Amazon search form for tools and hardware search, or to search any of their other fine stores.

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  General Home Improvement Shops

Walmart Lawn & Hardware has the low prices and wide selection you would expect at any Wal-Mart store. And if any item you order from them does not meet your expectations, you have your choice of returning them to any Walmart store, or by mail (some items such as computer hardware and components, heavy or large items that are identified as oversize on their item description pages and perishable products, such as flowers and food, cannot be returned to a store).

  Other Equipment, Parts, and Supplies...

Global Equipment Company stocks over 30,000 industrial equipment products online, including such things as pallet trucks, pallets, storage sheds, industrial scales, pressure washers, fans, heaters, office furniture, and much more. You can shop with confidence from this Fortune 1000 company, which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In business since 1976, AllBrands is the largest independent sewing, embroidery, vacuum, and appliance dealer in the United States. They carry over 7,000 products in hundreds of categories with prices ranging from pennies to $13,000.00. They sell sewing, knitting, and emboidery machines and supplies, vacuums, kitchen appliances, and more. Brand names include Brother, Singer, Juki, White, Simplicity, Amazing Designs, Janome, OESD, Reliable, Vikant, Grace, Organ, and many others.

  Supplies & Miscellaneous...

ReStockIt sells discount kitchen supplies, restaurant supplies, janitorial supplies, and office supplies at 40% off retail prices. The carry over 17,000 quality, brand name products. Their extensive line of restaurant supplies includes bakery supplies, bar supplies, food products, pizza supplies, smallwares & appliances, storage, utensils, china, flatware, glassware, bags & can liners (trash bags), foodservice items, medical supplies, party supplies, personal healthcare, soaps & dispensers, towels & tissue. And their full selection of janitorial and cleaning supplies includes cleaning agents, floor maintenance & accessories, laundry products, trash cans, vacuums & accessories, wipers. All orders are shipped from 35 nationwide warehouses, greatly reducing delivery times, with $11.95 flat rate FedEx ground shipping.

Smart Home carries the world's largest collection of "smart" products for home automation, starting at under $10. They sell X10 automation devices, custom home theater components, and many other items for computer control, plant and pet care, climate control, home security, and more.

ShopThermos.com is the official online store for Thermos bottles and other Thermos brand products. Thermos is one of the leaders in food and beverage storage containers. Thermos manufactures consistently high quality products made from the best available materials. Thermos products are tested to ensure that the materials and processes are safe and their products reliable.

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Shop Genuine Thermos Brand at ShopThermos.com

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